Committed to delivering the best service possible to their clients, the professionals at Sculpted Image have carefully chosen only the best products available to use and offer in their spa. For all skin and body care services, that choice is Dermalogica. Known worldwide as the "professionals' choice" Dermalogica uses only the finest natural ingredients available.

Facials at Sculpted Image are custom designed to address your specific skin condition. The Dermalogica products used in these treatments are scientifically developed using all natural enzymes, acids, botanicals, vitamins, humectants and phytonutrients providing the skin care professional with the very best tools to achieve your desired results.


Dermalogica body care products contain essential oils to soothe the mind and natural botanicals to help cleanse and nourish the body.

Dermalogica AGE Smart™

Dermalogica's new AGE Smart system specifically targets and controls the main biological triggers that lead to skin aging.

Dermalogica UltraCalming™

Sensitivity comes in many forms. Red, stinging, irritated skin can leave you rough around the edges. The solution comes in one.

Dermalogica mediBac Clearing™

Clearing adult acne treatments designed to clear breakouts, minimize acne bacteria and control shine.

Dermalogica ChromaWhite TRx

Skin care regimen offers six products for brighter, more luminous skin. Brightens, evens skin tone and protects your skin.

Dermalogica Daylight Defense

A variety of sun protection products that keep your sun healthy even after sun exposure. Includes sun block, solar shield and after sun repair products.

Dermalogica Clean Start

Designed for teens and acne-prone skin. Clean Start is designed to address teenage skin problems. This product line is easy to use and works wonders on teen skin.

Dermalogica Men's Shave

No one knows healthy skin better than Dermalogica – and we're about to make your shaving problems history. Experience your healthiest skin ever with Dermalogica Shave's simple three-step regimen.